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Easier with Technology

We love technology and the way that it makes life so much easier. Technology has changed all aspects of our lives and accounting is no different. At JB Accounting we are comfortable emailing, texting, scanning, taking photos and using the internet to to communicate and to speed up our work. Our new cloud file services on the client portal is the latest technology we have introduced to speed up and simplify all your accounting needs. With our client portal we can:

● Securely receive your documents
● Securely store your documents for later reference
● Provide anywhere, anytime access to your information

Imagine all your tax information being submitted online and instantly received by JB Accounting. Imagine being able to pull up that W2 or financial statement on your mobile device when applying for a loan instead of having to request it because you lost your copy. While we love to see you in person we imagine you never having to come to the office for accounting needs. We can handle everything online. Of course, if you want some rousing conversation, to play a little X-box or still like doing things in person, we would love to see you.

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